Track to Detect and Segment: An Online Multi-Object Tracker


Most online multi-object trackers perform object detection stand-alone in a neural net without any input from tracking. In this paper, we present a new online joint detection and tracking model, TraDeS (TRAck to DEtect and Segment), exploiting tracking clues to assist detection end-to-end. TraDeS infers object tracking offset by a cost volume, which is used to propagate previous object features for improving current object detection and segmentation. Effectiveness and superiority of TraDeS are shown on 4 datasets, including MOT (2D tracking), nuScenes (3D tracking), MOTS and Youtube-VIS (instance segmentation tracking).



Figure 1. Framework overview. Specifically, we propose a cost volume based association (CVA) module and a motion-guided feature warper (MFW) module, respectively. The CVA extracts point-wise re-ID embedding features by the backbone to construct a cost volume that stores matching similarities between all embedding pairs in two frames. Then, we infer the tracking offsets from the cost volume, which are the spatio-temporal displacements of all the points, i.e. potential object centers, in two frames. The tracking offsets together with the embeddings are utilized to conduct a simple two-round long-term data association. Afterwards, the MFW takes the tracking offsets as motion cues to propagate object features from the previous frames to the current one. Finally, the propagated feature and the current feature are aggregated to derive detection and segmentation.


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Selected Results